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GDC provides a repair or replace warranty for its equipment. The warranty is a "return to factory" program returning the product to GDC's factory or to a GDC authorized repair facility.
  • GDC provides a new hardware product
warranty for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment of the product and a (120) day warranty from date of shipment for Software. For some products, the warranty period is greater as stated in the paragraph called Extended Hardware Warranty shown below.

Non-GDC Manufactured Products

For Non-GDC manufactured products, GDC will, if available, reassign the warranties provided to it by the manufacturer.

Factory Direct Repaired Products

Warranty services for repaired products will be for ninety (90) days from the date of shipment of the repaired product or the balance of the remaining warranty period, whichever is greater.

Hardware Warranty

  • Covers defects in materials and/or workmanship during the published warranty period for the specific hardware product.
  • The Client will pay the expense of returning the product to GDC and GDC will pay the expense of returning the repaired or replaced product, if covered by warranty, to the client. The client will have the risk of loss of the product during shipment to or from GDCs premises or that of GDCs designated facility.

Extended Hardware Warranty

The following products have extended "return to factory" warranties:

  • 5 year - SpectraComm V.F 28.8, Dual V.34, V.34 DBU, 5034, V.34-4 Port, 202, 500A, 521A, 521 A/S, 5520, 5001, 553, 5553, 5506, 5516, 800T3, M1:3, OC3, SC-IP, SC-ES, ADT, SDT and Alarm card
  • 5 year - DeskTop 56/64, 500A, 554A, 554S
  • 2 year - DeskTop V.F 28.8, 202, SCM


Discontinued Product Warranty

· Some discontinued and refurbished products are available for sale from GDC. Such products will be listed in the Hard to Find section at . Hard to Find sales are final and are sold "as is". Equipment deemed DOA, can be returned for a replacement (if available) or credit within 30 days of original shipment.

Software Warranty

  • Upon notification by the client in writing, during the warranty period, GDC will correct failures of the software and ensure that it substantially conforms to the published software specifications for the specific product.
  • There will not be a charge to the client if the failure occurs during the warranty period.

Warranty Exclusions

GDC's hardware and software warranties contain standard warranty exclusions including, but not limited to, the need for no alterations to the product; to use and maintain the product according to the product specifications, and not to subject the product to misuse, accident or disaster. Detailed exclusions are set forth in signed agreements.

The above paragraphs outline some of the warranty protections that GDC provides to its customers on its equipment. This information is provided solely to assist you in selecting products for purchase. Specific warranty provisions are set out in signed agreements between GDC and its customers.