Texas Smart Revolution

April 20-21, 2017 - Fair Park in Dallas, Texas


The Smart Texas Revolution event will partner cities, civic organizations, academia, regional and state entities to educate on best practices and provide case studies from around the country to inspire, and develop priorities for a statewide strategy.


  1. To provide an accessible – from both a geographic and a cost perspective – and comprehensive source of education on smart cities and how cities across Texas can prepare for the future.

  2. Create a program designed ‘by cities for cities’ that speaks to questions and issues under discussion right now in cities across the country.

  3. Provide a forum for discussion and collaboration at the regional and state level surrounding major areas of import including energy, equity, infrastructure and mobility.

  4. Together, begin to create a framework for a Smart Texas strategy, showing national leadership in taking a state-level look at these initiatives.

General DataComm looks forward to supporting the Dallas Innovation Alliance in attending the event. We hope to gain insight into the various Smart City strategies being employed by the municipalities presenting at the event. As an infrastructure provider for several of the largest cities in America, General DataComm will continue its focus in the development of Smart Cities worldwide.