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Universal Access System

Service Provisioning Platform for G.shdsl, SDSL, HDSL, HDSL2 and IDSL

GDC's Universal xDSL Access System (UAS) products enable carriers, transportation and utility companies, campuses, and multi-tenant facility managers to optimize their extensive copper investment using DSL technologies. UAS products are built for maximum equipment integration and global service provisioning on one platform enabling 2-wire loops to be used for connection to any switched or leased line service platform. Packaging choices range from high density shelves for central sites or carrier offices to desktop units and 2 slot enclosure for remote installations and customer locations.

UAS advantages include:

  • Reduced Facility and Hardware Costs-Subrate through wideband services on existing 2 and 4-wire copper loops; G.shdsl, HDSL, HDSL2, IDSL, SDSL, and SHDSL services integrated on one NEBS Level 3 Compliant shelf. shelf.

  • Reduced Network Switch Costs-Grooming and multiplexing N x 56/64 kbps DSL loops into full T1/E1 lines reduces the number of ports needed on DACS, frame relay or ATM switches.

  • SNMP-based Management - GDC's TEAM Network Management System provides customized element manager software packages for all UAS products, enabling coplete, end-to-end management and total visibility to every circuit.

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