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· NEBS Level III Certified · Designed for Telco Environments
· Flexible Architecture · Low Power Consumption
· Compact Modular Design · Optional RADIUS Security




General DataComm's SpectraComm family of modems with optional AES Encryption, CSU/DSUs, static and dynamic routers, and Ethernet switches support a wide range of Carrier, Enterprise and Government applications. These include IP Services, T3 broadband services, T1/FT1 (Fractional T1) wideband services, 2.4 kbps - 64 kbps DDS/GDS (Digital Data Service/ Generic Data Service) narrowband services, and up to 33.6 kbps switched or private line analog services.

The flexible, expandable design of the SpectraComm system accommodates network growth, expanding from a single card enclosure to a robust 16 slot shelf system. This modularity maximizes the use of network facilities and helps to reduce network management complexity.

NEBS Compliance

A requirement for Central Office equipment located in North American Public Switched Network centers, the rigorous NEBS requirements are a universal measure of network product excellence for carriers. NEBS includes criteria for operational continuity, protection of property, and personnel safety.

NEBS is the major test of quality and safety that is required for any organization supplying or purchasing network equipment for public network high density applications. Specifically, the NEBS criteria are intended to:


·  Ensure equipment compatibility with the telephone industry's standards

·  Simplify equipment planning and installation

·  Guard against service outages

·  Prevent interference to close proximity telecommunications equipment

·  Minimize the risk of fires

·  Ensure equipment operation under stressful environmental conditions

·  Protect personnel from injury


Telcordia has grouped NEBS criteria into three functional groups or levels, with Level Three being the most stringent. Anything less than Level Three compliance can restrict deployment in certain carrier environment applications. By meeting the Level Three requirements, GDC products can be deployed in all interior carrier environments.

The NEBS III compliance of GDC's SpectraComm products is a key requirement for our Carrier and Service Provider customers who currently use our CSU/DSUs, Modems and IP transport devices in their mission critical internal network infrastructures and central office applications for secure, remote network management, SS7 Signal Transport, Cell Site to CO access, and CPE provisioning.

An Added Advantage

The carrier-class SpectraComm Shelf also supports GDC's Universal Access System line-by-line xDSL products, enabling a full range of applications in one, unified, network-managed shelf.

From T3 to FT1/T1 and IP applications to legacy analog and digital communication to xDSL services, SpectraComm provides a Smart Solution for Service Providers, today!


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