Global Networking Solutions

For Carriers & Service Providers

For over 40 years General DataComm has successfully developed and sold infrastructure solutions to national and international carriers and service providers of all types including RBOCs, PTTs, IXCs, ILECs, IOCs, ISPs and CLECs.
GDC's products and systems enable service providers to rapidly provision a variety of managed data, voice, video and multimedia services to their customers at a very competitive cost.

  • GDCs Xedge Multiservice platforms deliver any to any connectivity and maximize network bandwidth. Whether your requirement calls for native Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, TDM, or ATM services, GDC can support these native service interfaces and manage flow sensitive, standards based transmission using MPLS packet switching technology across the WAN.
  • GDC's SpectraComm® family of products offer a broad range of NEBS Level 3 Certified, network access products including integrated access systems for T1/T3, xDSL, DDS and Analog Services; Modems and Modem Security,CSUs/DSUs, Routers, Ethernet Switches, Ethernet Extension Devices, Legacy to Ethernet Transport and Network Management Systems.
  • Products that can be deployed in any network topology and scaled to fit a wide variety of broadband, wideband and narrowband applications

For Business Enterprises

Effectively employing networking technology has become a key factor in developing a successful business. Communications networks have emerged as valuable assets that generate revenue and provide competitive advantage. General DataComm has helped many of the world's largest enterprises harness the power of networking. Electronic channels of commerce have been established, and reliable public and private communication links are essential to any organization's survival. GDC's full range of products and services support this growing network challenge.