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Total Enterprise Access Management


GDC's standards-based, distributed Network Management architecture enables Network Operators to monitor and manage any IP-addressable network elements and legacy devices with serial ports via dial-up, Internet or LAN-attached connections using protocols like SNMP, Telnet, PPP, and Ethernet.

TEAM applications support large numbers of network elements making it particularly effective in environments with many unattended remote sites. TEAM's distributed architecture allows either centralized control from a single point or management via multiple controllers located throughout the network.

TEAM delivers high visibility with a custom designed GUI. This unique "GDC View" of the network provides intuitive integration with remote devices and immediate access to all management functions without a complex hierarchy of menus. The TEAM GUI provides a user-friendly alternative to the complicated MIB browser utilities found on most SNMP software packages. All SNMP commands are completely transparent to the user.

TEAM is a collection of applications fully integrated into HP OpenView. It can run on powerful, multitasking UNIX workstations using HPUX and Solaris operating systems. Capabilities include fault, configuration, performance and accounting management. With TEAM network administrators can detect system malfunctions early - before they affect service to users. They can also monitor current network usage with statistics on performance and utilization.

TEAM network management application packages are available for the full range of GDC's analog and digital SNMP-managed access products, including DSUs, CSUs, modems, multiplexers and DSLware products. It is offered both as a standalone application package and as a complete systems solution including hardware/software manager platform and a fully-integrated applications package.

Key Features

  • Standards-based management via SNMP and MIBS

  • Controls GDC access products plus any IP-addressable network elements.

  • Realistic views of any GDC shelf and front panels complete with LED status indicators.

  • Management of multiple GDC devices via a single IP address

  • Telnet configuration and test.

  • LAN connection using 10BASE-T Ethernet

  • WAN connection using RS561 PPP DTE

  • Secure dial up connection using RS561 PPP and RADIUS

CERT® Advisory CA-2002-03 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Many Implementations of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

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