G.729 8K VoIP to G.711 CESoP Transcoding AVM Software  

General DataComm is pleased to announce the development of software for the Xedge AVM (Advanced Voice Module) Line Interface Module that enables the transcoding of G.729 VoIP and G.711 µ or A law between circuit services that terminate on two disparate channels of the AVM. These channels can be carried to the AVM card via Bundles and MPLS pseudowires affording the advantages of MPLS deterministic circuit paths and, if desired, Bidirectional Forwarding Detection for 50 millesecond failover restoration. The Xedge PCX2 controller modules used with the AVM also support AVM Bundle transport via VLAN, IP and ATM services. Options on the AVM allow for setting silence removal, echo cancellation, packet to PCM gain, and other voice signaling parameters to enable seamless integration into voice networks.


GDC AVM card

Figure 1       E&M 8 port piggyback installed on an AVM LIM


To aid in system trouble shooting the AVM supports a rich diagnostic suite.   Loopbacks can be enabled towards either the network or user side and an onboard 1004 hz tone generator is available for Telco grade audio trouble shooting. Front panel LED indicators are used to indicate link status and card operational readiness. The AVM can be configured locally via the Xedge node craft port or remotely using SNMP commands. AVM alarms are sent to General DataComm Prosphere network management stations.


Download data sheets:

PCX2 Datasheet .PDF  pdf

Transcoding AVM Datasheet pdf