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General DataComm (GDC) has over 35 years of field-proven experience in the successful deployment and maintenance of voice and data networking equipment. GDC is highly skilled in all aspects of network design and support from traditional service requirements like Installation and Maintenance to a full family of professional services that support Network Audits to Network Management to implementation and delivery.


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Time Independent Data Channels


Xedge TID-4

GDC's Xedge 6000 Time Independent Data IV is a bit-transparent, serial-data-over-packet solution that combines clock recovery and wide area transport over private or public networks. The Xedge
TID-4 is ideally suited for the isochronous and non-standard baud rate communication of DoD, MoD, Aerospace, Transportation, or specialized commercial networks.

The TID-4 maintains the clock/data relationship in critical commercial or government applications, such as Telemetry and unidirectional data transport, as well as satellite circuits that are asymetric due to up.downlink bandwidth differences.

TID-4 Key Features:

  • Provides interworking between systems that are timed independent of the transport network.
  • Supports a variety of tranport interfaces and protocols.
  • Allows per port configuration to standard and non-standard data rates from 2.4Kbps to 10 Mbps.
  • Supports Ethernet, MPLS-Pseudowire or ATM transmission over a satellite facility.
  • Supports simplex, duplex and asymmetric operations.
  • Managed via SNMP or via GDC's ProSphere Network Management System


Data Sheets

pdf TID-4 Time Independent Data Transport
pdfXedge 6002 Chassis




Hybrid Switching Solutions

Hybrid Switching Solutions


GDC provides hybrid switching solutions for the WAN -- an approach to evolving real multiservice networks that recognizes the business values of established technology solutions along side the capabilities of more recently introduced communications platforms. That is why its latest switching platform, the Packet Cell Switch (PCx) offers a dual control plane for both Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

Xedge 6000

There are many advantages to the GDC approach, not the least of which is the assurance that GDCs superior traffic management technology is available for flow sensitive Quality of Service for multiservice voice, video and data over packet or multi-tier traffic shaping over ATM switching solutions. The PCx also harmonizes native services (TDM, Frame Relay, ATM, and Ethernet) in a scaleable switching platform with a breadth of interfaces unparalled in the industry.

Of special interest in the evolution of multiservice WAN is the rising demand for Ethernet services. The PCx and the Xedge Multiservice Packet Xchange support both private Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) E-Line and E-LAN services. This includes support gigabit Ethernet access and trunking as well as OCx transport) and an array of other standards-based service support. The PCx and the Xedge MSPx are fully compatible with other product offerings which underlines GDCs aim to deliver end to end, integrated solutions for its customers.


Data Sheets

pdf Multiservice Packet Xchange for Converged Networks

pdf Xedge Packet Cell Switch - PCx - Overview

pdf Xedge Packet Circuit Emulation - PCe

pdfXedge Packet Cell Link Controller - PCL

pdfXedge DSX1-IMA T1 Line Interface Module for ATM inverse Multiplexing

pdfXedge E1-IMA Line Interface Module for ATM inverse Multiplexing

pdfXedge DS3-2C T3 Line Interface Module for Circuit Emulation with Enhanced Clocking

pdfXedge E3-2C E3 Line Interface Module for Circuit Emulation with Enhanced Clocking

pdf Voice Service Module

pdfXedge 6002 Cell Chassis




xDSL Systems



Universal Access System

Service Provisioning Platform for G.shdsl, SDSL, HDSL, HDSL2 and IDSL

GDC's Universal xDSL Access System (UAS) products enable carriers, transportation and utility companies, campuses, and multi-tenant facility managers to optimize their extensive copper investment using DSL technologies. UAS products are built for maximum equipment integration and global service provisioning on one platform enabling 2-wire loops to be used for connection to any switched or leased line service platform. Packaging choices range from high density shelves for central sites or carrier offices to desktop units and 2 slot enclosure for remote installations and customer locations.

UAS advantages include:

  • Reduced Facility and Hardware Costs-Subrate through wideband services on existing 2 and 4-wire copper loops; G.shdsl, HDSL, HDSL2, IDSL, SDSL, and SHDSL services integrated on one NEBS Level 3 Compliant shelf. shelf.

  • Reduced Network Switch Costs-Grooming and multiplexing N x 56/64 kbps DSL loops into full T1/E1 lines reduces the number of ports needed on DACS, frame relay or ATM switches.

  • SNMP-based Management - GDC's TEAM Network Management System provides customized element manager software packages for all UAS products, enabling coplete, end-to-end management and total visibility to every circuit.

Data Sheets
pdf Universal Access System

Product Briefs
pdf UAS 7000 Series




Network Management


Data Sheets | Application Briefs

Click here to see a full TEAM Network Management diagram TEAM

Total Enterprise Access Management


GDC's standards-based, distributed Network Management architecture enables Network Operators to monitor and manage any IP-addressable network elements and legacy devices with serial ports via dial-up, Internet or LAN-attached connections using protocols like SNMP, Telnet, PPP, and Ethernet.

TEAM applications support large numbers of network elements making it particularly effective in environments with many unattended remote sites. TEAM's distributed architecture allows either centralized control from a single point or management via multiple controllers located throughout the network.

TEAM delivers high visibility with a custom designed GUI. This unique "GDC View" of the network provides intuitive integration with remote devices and immediate access to all management functions without a complex hierarchy of menus. The TEAM GUI provides a user-friendly alternative to the complicated MIB browser utilities found on most SNMP software packages. All SNMP commands are completely transparent to the user.

TEAM is a collection of applications fully integrated into HP OpenView. It can run on powerful, multitasking UNIX workstations using HPUX and Solaris operating systems. Capabilities include fault, configuration, performance and accounting management. With TEAM network administrators can detect system malfunctions early - before they affect service to users. They can also monitor current network usage with statistics on performance and utilization.

TEAM network management application packages are available for the full range of GDC's analog and digital SNMP-managed access products, including DSUs, CSUs, modems, multiplexers and DSLware products. It is offered both as a standalone application package and as a complete systems solution including hardware/software manager platform and a fully-integrated applications package.

Key Features

  • Standards-based management via SNMP and MIBS

  • Controls GDC access products plus any IP-addressable network elements.

  • Realistic views of any GDC shelf and front panels complete with LED status indicators.

  • Management of multiple GDC devices via a single IP address

  • Telnet configuration and test.

  • LAN connection using 10BASE-T Ethernet

  • WAN connection using RS561 PPP DTE

  • Secure dial up connection using RS561 PPP and RADIUS

CERT® Advisory CA-2002-03 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Many Implementations of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

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Data Sheets
teamTEAM Network Management: GDC SNMP/HP OpenView Solutions

Application Briefs
teamRADIUS Security For Legacy Applications





Network Management

TEAM: Total Enterprise Access Management